PKS Council on Aging Meeting Minutes – September 2023

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The initial discussion was around THE LIST of service and medical professionals.

Four individuals were given folders to take to their neighbors to broaden our input. All were asked to fill out the forms and request this information from their neighbors.

The remainder of the meeting included a review of previous topics.

Hospice Community Forum

The community forum is on Thursday, September 28, 2023 at 10:30 AM at Town Hall. Kay Coole, director of the Crystal Coast Hospice House, will update us on the services and care Hospice provides. She will also discuss volunteer opportunities.

John and Anne Clarke will video the presentation for viewing on our FB and website.

Hotel Alice Meet and Greet

Hotel Alice hosted a meet and greet on September 13, 2023 for all of PKS. It was well attended.

The Hotel is building their presence in the community and are frequently completely full. They are also undertaking major upgrades (all new mattresses, new furniture, improved bar service, etc.) to enhance their customers’ experience.

Hotel Alice continues to host food trucks for a variety of eating out options. When we are aware of the schedule, we post the planned visits on our FB page.

Carteret Hospital Resources

Much of this meeting was spent talking about possible approaches to the Carteret Hospital.

The group believes that the community needs more, specific physician specialties; the hospital makes decisions regarding recruitment based on numbers.

Our goal: To put a community voice into the recruitment process.

Virginia Cuttrell – one of the speakers from the hospital last year – is in charge of recruitment.

In a recent dialogue with her, it was clear that we need to agree on our position/request before we approach the hospital again.

To inform our position, these approaches were mentioned:

  • Identify physicians in PKS who we may speak to.
  • Contact the Health Department for input.
  • Talk with Hospice doctors.
  • Reach out to the PKS paramedics for insight; John B agreed to follow this up.
  • The United Way of Coastal Carolina was mentioned as a possible resource.

Anne Bures and I will shift through options, check assumptions with you, and present a position to the group for follow up.

Official Document

Download a copy of the official PKS Council on Aging Meeting Agenda and Minutes for September 2023.


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