PKS Council on Aging Meeting Minutes – May 2023

Four seniors, two women and two men, talking near a portable festival tent

New Member

We recognized a new member – Ann Bures – whom we hope becomes a regular attender. We met at the PKS 50th Anniversary Celebration. She is a credentialed nurse.

After Party at Hotel Alice

Reviews of the PKS 50th and After Party at Hotel Alice were very positive.

Both events were well attended and enjoyed. We had good exposure as our table was between the Women’s Club food distribution and the FD/PD providing hamburgers and hot dogs.

The After Party at the Hotel Alice attracted a hearty crowd. The Hotel had agreed to discount several drinks and table snacks were available; the COA promoted the event throughout the day.

The Hotel bartender kept up with the crowd as well as possible as she was working alone. It appeared the Hotel had underestimated the numbers of people who attended. Two bartenders were necessary to serve and keep the snack trays filled.

We will meet with the new management to better understand how they would like to build the relationship with us.

Local Service Providers

Based on input from members, the initial list of highly rated service providers and highly rated medical professionals for the PKS community took shape.

We need input from the rest of the members to fill in some gaps. This list reflects community members who have had a good experience with the individuals they list.

The listed individuals must meet a standard of performance, e.g., responsive, keeps to the agreed timeline, reasonably priced, professional manner, etc. to be included on the list.

We also need feedback from individuals who make choices from the list to ensure it is a quality list and update it regularly.

High School Volunteer Recognition

Mike DiLauro organizes high school volunteers to help community members with a variety of tasks, e.g., leaf raking, mowing lawns, etc.

The students accumulate service credits for volunteering. The number of participants varies and it may be worthwhile to explore if the Boys Scouts or church groups have youths that are willing to participate.

Email Mike if you could use this help or have information on other sources.

Council on Aging Community Forum

Mike DiLauro also organizes our Community Forums.

The forum on Thursday, May 11, 2023 will host LaKisha Williams, Director of the Leon Mann Enrichment Center in MHC. Melanie Reed, the Center’s Customer Service Professional will join her. John and Anne Clarke will tape the presentation and post it on our website.

Director Williams will speak to the number and variety of classes and resources offered at the Center Monday through Friday including free lunches for individuals 60+. A reservation is necessary as well as a commitment to having 2-3 lunches/week.

Free CCATS transportation can be arranged between PKS Town Hall and the Center for different activities.

A few of the classes held at the center ‘can travel’ to different locations. We can review the list of activities and determine which may generate a following and/or fill a gap.

We can then approach the Center to determine if we can host them at PKS. The Center will provide the instructors and materials for free; the COA will help to promote the classes as they are scheduled.

Website Progress

John and Anne Clarke reported that the website is up and accessible. Not all materials are loaded yet, but we expect to establish a repository of materials and maintain a dialogue with the community.

New Business/Going Forward

New members

In addition to Ann Bures, Carolyn Thompson and Ann Dezern, also a nurse, indicated their interest in our group. Each have been emailed a schedule of our meeting dates and invited to attend our meetings.

Several of us are aware that a few of our residents get lost when they walk the area. If they admit to being lost, it is fairly easy to reorient them. However, when their dilemma is hidden, the opportunity to help is limited.

A discussion was initiated to explore ways we may be of help. We recognized that people tend to walk with their phones, but may not know how to use them. Initial ideas to help orient neighbors who are ‘lost’ include:

  • Calls to 911
  • Bracelets with address
  • Direct those lost to use their phones to dial the non-emergency number (Note: that even the non-emergency number is dispatched)
  • Life alert bracelets
  • Smart watch
  • Trackers on phones, trackers within a family circle, Life 360 to know where friends are
  • Safe homes
  • Security cameras

This issue may be best explored through a forum or at Coffee with the Crews get together.

The continuous need that must be met is to broaden our base beyond PKA. We may be able to bridge the gap with the help of the HOAs. This option and others need to be fully explored.

Official Document

Download a copy of the official PKS Council on Aging Meeting Agenda and Minutes for May 2023.


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