PKS Council on Aging Meeting Minutes – March 2023

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Several Council members were absent as the meeting time was rescheduled from the previous week.

This limited a full discussion, but we did move forward on these initiatives.

Website Creation

John and Anne Clarke have made significant progress on the website. All are encouraged to take a look and provide comments.

First draft of the website is at

Remember a starting place and we will be adding more as we get together or if you have more ideas, fire away.

We will get more photos as we move forward.

The new email for our group is

Lots more to follow and as always, copy is what we need to build out.

Easy to expand/collapse the headers so ideas please? Contact us to let us know your thoughts.

We have paid for the domain name it is ours for the coming year. John and Anne have agreed to demo the website on April 22 at our ‘booth’ at the PKS Anniversary celebration.

Our request for table, chairs, electricity and wifi access has been granted.  Now it all has to come together.

Meal Availability

Council member Bill Douglas identified Catherine Elkins and her Food Network as the best/most current information source for food availability the county.

Their list of food pantries and hot meals has been posted in our Facebook group site and PKS Community; It will also reside on our website.  

Each council member has been sent a copy.  Please feel free to distribute to anyone who has an interest/need.

This list is regularly updated. As you distribute the list, please check their website for the most current listing:

The easiest way to find the most up-to-date listing is to search Crystal Coast Non-Profits for “Food Help.” There’s a link to the sheet you want.

St. Francis Meal Ministry

Let’s not forget that meals are available for PKS residents through the St. Francis Meal Ministry.

If you learn of a need for a meal, contact Robin Loflin-Smith by text (252-764-7257) or leave a message at the church at 252-240-2388.

Both of these organizations are non-profit. Cash donations are especially welcomed.

The Council as Information Hub for Service Providers

As resources are identified and our website comes together, the discussion emphasized the need to put information in the hands of our residents.

Importantly, to be confident in any references we make, it must be based in our personal experiences.

To that end, all members are asked to provide contact information for service providers (e.g., plumbers, electrician s) and medical professionals/specialists (primary doctors, orthopedists, dentists, etc.) that they have used and rate highly. These data will be input into a data base.

The data base will be available online on our website and will be updated as additional references are available.

Please bring completed forms to the next meeting on April 4, 2023.

Getting The Word Out

We are continuously challenged to systematize word of mouth reports of PKS citizens in need and connect/create with appropriate solutions.

Going forward, our focus will be on existing sources of this information, e.g., local churches, hospital discharges to PKS (though privacy issues may limit what we can learn), EMS activities (privacy issues also prevail here), and the local women’s club.

Separately, we have completed one in-person interview to identify resident’s needs. It is a labor-intensive effort that also needs detailed practice/guidance to ensure we get quality data.

We need further discussion to assess the benefit of this approach.

At our next meeting, the priority topic will be our participation in the April 22 anniversary events.

Everyone is encouraged to attend.  

Please put a couple of beach chairs in the trunk as I think we will be short of chairs.

Our next meeting is at 10:30 at Town Hall on April 4, 2023.

Official Document

Download a copy of the official PKS Council on Aging Meeting Agenda and Minutes for March 2023.


Have questions or comments about this meeting or post? Contact us to let us know your thoughts.

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