PKS Council on Aging Meeting Minutes – June 2023

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The format for the June meeting was a break from the usual.

I was looking for some good discussion around each of the initiatives we have been working on.

The initiatives are the tactics that contribute to the big picture and each initiative has specific goals that need to be articulated. Since we weren’t able to cover everything in one meeting, the conversation will carry over into our upcoming July meeting.

The work of the Council has operationally been defined in terms of ‘initiatives.’

For each initiative, the group was asked a series of questions. The discussion for the three initiatives that were discussed – gathering places, the lists of vetted service people and medical personnel, and transportation – are summarized below.

June 2023 Meeting Notes

I’d like to deviate a bit from our typical format where we each report what we have accomplished since our last meeting.

I am hoping for some good discussion around each of our initiatives. The initiatives are the tactics that contribute to the big picture and each initiative has specific goals that need to be articulated.

We won’t be able to cover everything in one meeting, so the conversation will carry over into our July meeting too.

All of work has been driven by responses to our earlier survey, i.e., it is data driven.

I’d like to preserve that approach as well as our emphasis on ‘neighbor to neighbor’ connections.

Here’s the structure that I think will work for our meeting – and it can be modified as needed. We have operationally defined the work of the Council in terms of ‘initiatives.’

Our Initiatives to Date

  • Identifying, creating gathering places
  • Lists of vetted service people and medical personnel
  • Transportation issues
  • Forums/Education
  • Food security – Meal delivery
  • Carteret Hospital
  • ‘Lost’ residents

Address for Each Initiative

  • Do we have a point person?
  • What are our goals? Our messages?
  • Do we have partners to help us achieve our goals?
  • How do we communicate our work in this space? Channels include on site messages (as appropriate), The Shoreline, Facebook, COA Website.
  • What steps have we completed?
  • What are our next steps?

Let’s start our discussion with Gathering Places. I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

Status Report by Initiatives As of June 4, 2023

Initiative: Gathering Places

Owned by John Macheca and Amy Novick


Establish relationships with nearby businesses that are comfortable, safe gathering places for PKS residents to informally meet up with the goal of building a sense of community, increase socialization.


  • Hotel Alice – Amy Novick
  • Spoondrift Market – Amy Hahn, Marion Gotezinger
  • Leon Mann Center – ?

Communication Channels

  • On site
  • Shoreline
  • Facebook
  • COA website
  • PKS town email list?
  • Expand HOA list?

Completed Steps/Activities

  • Met with Hotel Alice/Amy Novick to establish common goals
  • Held COA meeting at location
  • Article in Shoreline re: Checking into the Hotel Alice
  • Hotel hosted ‘after party’ to PKS residents – 50th celebration with discounted drinks
  • Met with Spoondrift Market – Marion and Amy reported to group

Next Steps

  • Meet with new manager at Hotel Alice and have a dialogue as to how to proceed; where is there common ground.
  • Meet with Marion and Amy at Spoondrift and have similar conversation as to how to move forward.

Initiative: List of Service People and Medical Personnel

Owned by Cindy Schersching and John Macheca


Provide the community with a list of service, maintenance, home repair service providers and, separately, a list of medical professionals that members of the Council have had personal experience with.

Referrals must meet a high standard of professionalism to be on the list.


  • All council members
  • PD and FD partners?
  • Youth groups?
  • Boy scouts?
  • Church groups?

Communication Channels

  • Initially Facebook
  • COA website
  • Hard copies at PKS town hall

Completed Steps/Activities

  • 6 members have filled out forms

Next Steps

  • Get feedback on list and format from users
  • Continue to collect information from members/update information
  • Add to list
  • Publicize/disseminate
  • Ownership – Member should oversee list aggregation

Official Document

Download a copy of the official PKS Council on Aging Meeting Agenda and Minutes for June 2023.


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