PKS Council on Aging Meeting Minutes – July 2023

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The objectives for the July meeting were similar to that from June: I was looking for some good discussion around the initiatives we have been working on.

The initiatives are the tactics that contribute to the big picture and each initiative has specific goals that need to be articulated.

Since we weren’t able to cover everything in one meeting, the conversation carried over into this July meeting.

We reviewed the decisions made and steps forward from our last meeting for these initiatives:

Gathering Places (John M.), The List (Cindy S.), and Transportation (Karen M.). Amy Novick from the Hotel Alice and Marion Goetzinger representing Spoondrift Market were present and key to the discussion on Gathering Places. Both venues have been actively engaging the community.

Hotel Alice

Hotel Alice has established itself as a unique destination place embracing the history of Pine Knoll Shores while offering an iconic ocean side venue.

As Sales Director, Amy’s energy has drawn in special local activities (goat yoga, anyone?) and unique brews on tap from the Mill Whistle Brewery, Carteret County’s oldest and only Nano brewery.

We are very fortunate to have Hotel Alice partner with us and offer a safe, comfortable place to meet up as well as provide extended family a nearby destination place.


In a relatively short time, Spoondrift has seen their tables filled with local residents and out-of-towners enjoying locally roasted coffee from the Carolina Coffee Roasting Co. while reviewing a varied selection of local crafts.

Merchandise includes artwork, jewelry, greeting card clothing, and specialty food items. A game table has been added while the comfortable lounge area allows quiet conversations.

We are excited by the warm reception Spoondrift has been given and look forward to growing with them.

Local Service Providers

The initial list of service people and medical professionals has been created and will also
appear on website/Facebook pages.

Paper copies will also be available at PKS Town Hall.

These are providers/agencies that council members have used and have been given the
highest ratings based on their experiences. We will continue to expand this list.

Importantly, we ask for the community’s comments based on their personal experiences
should they use any of these providers. A simple rating of 1 to 5 stars (5 being the highest) will let us know you agree (or not) with our assessment of the quality and professionalism of these agencies.

All additional comments are also welcomed. This feedback is valuable.

Local Transportation Options

Karen Murphy heads our Transportation initiative. We have a list a list of agencies that provide transportation for a fee, but we would also like to have a list of volunteers (they don’t have to be PKS Council members) who would be willing to:

  • Take residents in need of a ride to a local doctor’s appointment (no further than New Bern)
  • Pick up medication at a local pharmacy
  • Do light grocery shopping.

Anyone learning of a need for this service should notify Karen. Karen will reach out to our
volunteers. Ideally, we would have 3-4 persons willing to provide this service. Please give
Karen your name and contact information if you are willing/interested in participating.

Thank you!

Topics Not Covered

Time did not permit in-depth conversations on the remaining initiatives: Forums/Education (Mike D.), Food Security (Robin/Terry S., Linda C.), Carteret Hospital (Cindy S., Anne B.).

They will be covered in our August meeting.

Website Re-design

In the time remaining, the group was introduced to our new website:

This new version – I refer to it as version 2.0 – could not have come this far without the foundational work undertaken by John and Anne Clarke – thank you both.

However, as their lives got busier and demands on the website were growing, I took it upon my self to learn something about web design.

I’m still counting on John and Anne’s participation in the tech space especially as we continue to videotape our forums – and possibly add brief videos of Hotel Alice and Spoondrift.

Ultimately, I was able to construct a new layout and add more content as well as engage a professional web designer (Alyce Meserve) for oversight and for my more detailed questions.

Please take a look and let me know what you think. Your comments are important. Our website and FB pages are now linked – there is value in synergy.

Official Document

Download a copy of the official PKS Council on Aging Meeting Agenda and Minutes for July 2023.


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