PKS Council on Aging Meeting Minutes – January 2023

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We had a variety of visitors to our January meeting, each representing their areas of interest/expertise. They added voice to the work the Council is undertaking.

The focus continues to be neighbor-to-neighbor as that is one of the strongest links we can create.

I will be reporting on the Council’s activities to the Pine Knoll Shores Strategic Planning group on January 25, 2023.

Needs/ideas we have uncovered may help to shape how this Planning group is thinking about the future of Pine Knoll Shores as well as open new avenues for us to explore.

Updates from our January meeting

Hotel Alice

John Macheca spoke to the interests in promoting the Hotel Alice as a gathering place.

Amy Novick, Sales Director for the Hotel, iterated the interest in partnering with us to encourage other groups to hold their meetings at the Hotel as well as promote interests that would drive traffic (e.g., trivia games, music bingo, etc.).

All ideas are welcome.

Spoondrift Market

Marion Goetzinger and Amy Hahn of Pine Knoll Shores Realty continue to develop the front space of their realty office as a gathering place for the community.

It is located next to the library. An ideal location for book lovers, coffee drinkers and friends to gather.

They expect to open the first week in February. Stay tuned.

Fire, safety, and community services

Chief Ryan and Council member Ike Pipkin are continuously solidifying relationships across our fire and safety groups and the community.

As we explore the resources of Pine Knoll Shores, we uncover important services that currently exist that some residents may not realize are already a part of our community or have forgotten about.

The Police and Fire Departments are among our most active community groups. Both Chief Thompson and Fireman Jerry Bowden were in attendance.

Mr. Bowden mentioned a few of the programs/services that are supported by the Fire Safety department:

  • Smoke detector operation/placement
  • Identification of fire hazards
  • Planned home evacuations in an emergency
  • Beach wheel chairs, and more

The details of each department’s community programs will be highlighted across issues of the Shoreline and emailed to residents through Town Hall. This advertising will help to keep to keep these important services top of mind for everyone.

Inclement weather

The recent extended power outage made us aware that we not only have to help individuals in major destructive weather situations where we have some forewarning (i.e., hurricanes, tornadoes), but also in situations where power and internet are interrupted without warning.

Several of our residents may find it especially difficult in these situations if they live alone, do not drive any longer, or are uncomfortable in situations where they don’t know others well.

Chief Ryan and Ike Pipkin continue to discuss outreach measures to connect with these individuals. Local churches could also play an important role.

Transportation services

As a group, we continue to explore issues related to transportation.

We will build on the October 2022 Facebook post of fee-based transportation options.

We are also discussing the creation of a volunteer network of individuals willing to transport individuals to medical appointments if they are home bound.

Hospital services

John and Anne Clarke maintain a dialogue with our November hospital speakers Virginia Cuthrell and Dr. Clyde Brooks .

Our goal is to get the community to better know the hospital, its staff, and its capabilities.

As a group, we can use the Shoreline/FB to further promote the outstanding activities of the hospital to give emphasis to the ongoing advertising/public relations activity of the hospital.

Speaker’s topics

Mike DiLauro is initiating a speakers’ forum with a variety of topics of interest across our community.

Topics will include – but not be limited to senior issues, e.g., – avoiding scams; estate planning; health care considerations.

These will begin on a quarterly basis and be open to all PKS residents. The first forum is at 10:30 AM on January 26, 2023 at Town Hall with PKS Chief Ryan and Cheryl Mansfield of Edward Jones detailing ways to outsmart scammers.


Linda Cumberland, a caregiver and PKS resident, introduced Terry and Robin Smith, and Bill Douglas, former CERT member.

They represent a meals ministry in conjunction with St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church on Bogue Banks 252-240-2388, email

Meals are provided on request to PKS individuals though not on a daily basis. There are no income/age requirements for those in need. This ministry is invested in the PKS community. Let us know if you or your neighbor would benefit from this service.

Note: There is no local ‘database’ of PKS residents in need of a meal. We only know when an individual or a neighbor contacts us or St. Francis directly.

The need does not have to be long term; It could be after a surgery, during a COVID quarantine, or a result of a hectic week. We have resources to help while respecting the privacy of each household.

Home safety and utility help

Cindy Schersching is creating a list of home safety/utility considerations that will serve as reminders to individual home builders/remodelers and their contractors.

The idea is to plan for the future with modifications at the beginning of the building process to allow residents to age in place – if that is their choice. The listing will be available at the time plans/permits are submitted to the Town for review as well as on Facebook.

All were reminded to submit names to the Town Clerk for the Ken Jones public service award by December 18, 2022.

The meeting was adjourned. The next Council meeting is February 7, 2023 at 10:30 AM at Town Hall.

Official Document

Download a copy of the official PKS Council on Aging Meeting Agenda and Minutes for January 2023.


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