PKS Council on Aging Meeting Minutes – February 2023

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There were a few new faces in February’s meeting that I hope will become regulars. Here are the business meeting updates from the February 2023 meeting.

Hotel Alice

John Macheca described an opportunity to join with the PKS History Committee to celebrate PKS’ 50th anniversary.

The actual date of the event is April 22, 2023. A wide variety of activities are planned and will be promoted by the Town prior to the date.

At the end of the day (~ 4 p.m.) on the February 22, 2023 John suggested meeting up with the History Committee – and interested others – at Hotel Alice.

Amy Novick, Sales Director for the hotel, has agreed to provide a complementary drink ticket to all those attending the celebration. Save the date.

Spoondrift Market

This new PKS gathering place opened its doors the week of February 6. Ongoing, their hours are 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Marion Goetzinger and Amy Hahn of Pine Knoll Shores Realty remodeled the front end of the Pine Knoll Shores realty office into a warm, well stocked, comfortable place for book lovers, coffee drinkers and friends to gather.

They had a very busy first week. Please visit to experience for yourself – bring a friend!

Speaker’s Forum

Mike DiLauro organized the Council’s first speakers’ forum.

Held at Town Hall, 35+ people came to hear PKS PD Chief Ryan and Edward Jones’ financial planner Cheryl Mansfield describe the variety of scams operating in the area and how to deal with the threat.

Scammers frequently target older populations; everyone could relate to the scenarios described.


Janie Prices’ article in March’s Shoreline gives a summary of the types of threats that have captured many of us unaware. Scammers play on a citizen’s willingness to help someone in need and touches our worst fears.

The key message to all is:

Be Alert. Always. Should you be contacted: Stay Calm.

If you believe you are a victim of a scam, do not hesitate to contact our local police.

John and Anne Clarke made a video of this presentation. You can find it on our website under Resources and Partners and on our FB page under Pine Knoll Shores Council on Aging. Many thanks to their talent!

These forums will be offered each quarter. A ‘Save the Date’ reminder will appear in the Shoreline. If you have ideas for future seminars, please let Mike Dilauro know.

Food Supply

Ensuring our residents have a proper food supply is top of mind.

The challenge is identifying those in need. We do not have a complete understanding of the need.

We rely on word of mouth, but this is not systematic and many may be left out. Linda Cumberland is behind our efforts to consistently get information as needs arise.

The team is partnered with the Meal Ministry of Robin and Terry Smith working with St. Francis Church.

These ideas/comments were raised in the discussion:

  • Many organizations already do this, but we could sponsor food drives on a routine basis. Also note there are a variety of Food Pantries in the area. A listing will appear on our Facebook page.
  • Getting the word out about the Meal Ministry will help us be a part of the response to residents in need.
  • We will develop this through our meetings, word of mouth, and contact with the PKS Police Department.
  • We will expand this with speaking engagements with the Women’s Club and Garden Club, as well as through our contacts with the hospital.
  • We will promote the resolution endorsed by the County Commissioners in support of food system resiliency and supported by our PKS Commissioners.

John and Anne Clarke have agreed to create a website for the Council. This is a very significant project for us.

Not only does John have the talent, but he has the experience to create this channel of communication. The website will include our minutes, our meeting schedules, our vision statement, a list of FAQs, etc.

John and Anne cannot do this alone. Please send any ideas you have as to the look, feel, and content of the website. Our website will also link to the Town’s website. Stay tuned.

File of life

The first of the PD and FD PSAs will appear in the March Shoreline.

Chief Ryan presented the File of Life that every household should fill out and keep on the refrigerator (it has a magnetic tab). This file is extremely useful in emergency situations; our response teams look for this on entry to a home. It is critical to have this information quickly available in an emergency.

These File of Life summaries are free and available from the Fire and Safety building. Please stop by and get one.


Linda Cumberland reminded us of the interest in identifying local handymen who can aid homeowners with small/medium tasks.

These are individuals who are known to residents, who do good work for a very reasonable cost.

This may take a while to build as there is no database that currently exists. Let me know any references you wish to share.


Residents also expressed interest in having individuals do landscaping tasks. The criteria are similar to that for local handymen (see above). Mike DiLauro has offered the energy of a youth volunteer group that has served the PKA HOA.

Individuals are paid by the hour; the fee varies from $10 to $25/per person per hour and some refreshment. These considerations apply:

  • Since they are a youth group, an adult supervisor should be present while the volunteers are working
  • Some tasks may not be appropriate for the safety of the individual, e.g., the use of chain saw
  • A waiver of responsibility is required for each group/project.

To schedule the group, please contact Mike DiLauro at

The next Council meeting is March 7, 2023 at 10:30 a.m. at Town Hall.

Official Document

Download a copy of the official PKS Council on Aging Meeting Agenda and Minutes for February 2023.


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