PKS Council on Aging Meeting Minutes – April 2023

Seniors playing chess in the park

The first order of business was to collect the list of recommendations of highly rated service providers and highly rated medical professionals from each member.

Local Service Providers

Those who did not submit their recommendations based on their personal experience were encouraged to complete the forms and email me or bring them to next month’s meeting.

These references will be summarized – without member names – will be data based and shared with the community.

The lists are being created based on personal experience. Input needs to be broadened beyond the Council members to build the depth and breadth of referrals, so hand a copy to your neighbor.

You can drop us a note from the Contact Us page and let us know about your service provider thoughts. Thank you!

PKS Anniversary Celebration

The remainder of the meeting reviewed the activities of the April 22, 2023 PKS Anniversary celebration and the role of the Council in those activities. These are the highlights of that discussion:

  • On April 22, 2023 all were reminded to park on the street on the grass at the entrance, put a chair in the trunk of your car as chairs will likely be a premium, and an umbrella or hat for coverage from the sun. I believe we will be in shade, but I’m not certain.
  • A table, 2 chairs, electrical connection and WiFi have been requested.
  • A banner will hang on the side to identify us.
  • We have name tags.
  • On the table top, we will have a demo of our website with John and Anne Clarke.
  • Multiple materials to be distributed include a pamphlet describing us, past articles, and a listing of local food sources.
  • Giveaways include emergency FD/PD File of Life envelopes, a Lid opener with Council on Aging on it, and anniversary koozies provided by the Spoondrift Café.
  • A volunteer sign-up sheet will collect names, emails and telephone numbers.

The celebration will run from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. We’d like to have someone present at the table the entire time. A signup sheet in one-half hour intervals was circulated.

There are times that are still available: noon–1:30 and 2:30-4. Please let me know if you can be available any of those times.

Following the day’s activity, all are invited to continue the celebration at Hotel Alice from 4 to 6 p.m. In recognition of the anniversary, specialty drinks and house wines will be offered at the discount.

Going Forward

We initiated a discussion around Lost People – How do we get them home?

Several of our members have had helped residents find their way back home. These individuals are walking and realize they don’t know where they are or how to get home.

Is there a solution(s)? Can we help? We will discuss fully at our next meeting.

Official Document

Download a copy of the official PKS Council on Aging Meeting Agenda and Minutes for April 2023.


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