Our Website v2.0 is Live!

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As of July, our new website is up and running.

This new version – I refer to it as version 2.0 – could not have come this far without the foundational work undertaken by John and Anne Clarke over the past year.

However, as their lives got busier and demands on the website grew, I took it upon myself to learn something about web design.

I’m still counting on John and Anne’s participation in the tech space especially as we continue to videotape our forums and add videos of key events and places.

Ultimately, I was able to construct a new layout and add more content. I also enlisted the help of a professional web designer (Alyce Meserve) for oversight and to answer my more detailed questions.

Some features you will recognize and some are newly added:

  • The Home Page not only iterates our vision, but gives a bit of history – who we are and how we got started.
  • You will also see suggestions how to get involved with the Council. Follow the links embedded in the suggestions to get to a specific page. We can use your talents.
  • Included in the suggestions is a link to our Facebook page. Our Facebook page is open to all of our Council partners to keep you informed of their activities as well as our own.
  • The Home Page ends with ‘What’s New?’ We will be rotating out the older ‘news stories’ and adding the new ones. Be sure to check back for these updates.

The Meetings tab lists our meeting dates through 2023, as well as past agendas and meeting minutes.

The Resources and Partners page is one of my favorites.

  • Here you will find links to the videos taken at our Forum meetings as well as other media related to aging issues.
  • We are very proud of our list of partners. In addition to contributing to the quality of life within Pine Knoll Shores, these groups help us spread relevant news to the community. We advertise their activities on Facebook, and specific articles and notices in the Shoreline.
  • Through the Meal Ministry at St. Francis, we can assure every Pine Knoll Shores household a meal. We also publicize a list of local food pantries and sources of free hot meals.
  • The Shoreline and its staff are key to getting out our messages. We are grateful for their support. This section includes links to previous articles published in the paper.

The final page of the website is a brief form that connects us directly with you. If you are interested in volunteering, donating, offering an opinion, or in need of a community service, send us a note. Your input is valued.


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