Checking In to the Hotel Alice

Hotel Alice entrance in Pine Knoll Shores, NC

Our last meeting of the year wasn’t really a Christmas party, but we did enjoy the holiday spirit and décor of the ‘new’ Hotel Alice.

Many of our followers know that a priority for our group was to find and support an easily accessible gathering place for our community.

While the idea has been discussed and a variety of venues considered, no dedicated ‘community center’ has ever been established. That said, interest in the concept never died.

Many residents have continued to express a desire for a choice of local opportunities to meet and interact with neighbors over a cup of coffee, to play cards, discuss the latest book, etc.

We know that staying connected with friends and family positively contributes to a quality of life and can extend our life spans.

This is true for all of us and critically important in an aging market. Interaction with others in an easy to access, safe and comfortable environment is key.

Since we do not have the means to build a ‘community center,’ we needed to find a place within Pine Knoll Shores that met our needs and people willing to partner with us to develop the idea.

Within our group, John Macheca rose to the challenge of finding and establishing a gathering place. We found an opportunity with Hotel Alice.

History of Alice Green Hoffman

What’s in a name?

As many already know, the story of today’s Pine Knoll Shores begins with Alice Green Hoffman who in 1917 bought 2,000 acres of island land, the area we know today as Pine Knoll Shores, Salter Path, and Indian Beach, from John A. Royall.

Over time, she built a sprawling home on Royall’s former home site, naming it “Shore House.”

She traveled between her homes in Paris, New York, and Bogue Banks and spent her final years at “Shore House” until her death in 1953.

As Alice had no direct heirs, she transferred her property to her niece, Eleanor (Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.), and her four children. The Roosevelt family oversaw the early development of the town.

Today’s Hotel Alice

The blend of today’s community and its history makes Hotel Alice a unique meeting place.

The location is quiet, well designed, comfortable and guest-focused – and surrounded by history.

The photos around the lobby, local history summaries and knowledgeable staff connect hotel visitors to the town’s legacy.

Amy Novick is the Sales Director for the Hotel. Her energy and enthusiasm for our community was evident from the very beginning.

While there is no kitchen, a variety of snack items are available at the front desk and the bar is open from 2-10 p.m. every day and on Sunday from 7-10 p.m.

For the Council meeting, Amy and her staff made us feel very welcomed. She spoke to their interests in tailoring the hotel experience to our needs as a group.

From our experience, it is clear that this venue can meet our business needs as well as our social needs.

We strongly encourage you to give Hotel Alice consideration the next time you meet up with friends over a cup of coffee or glass of wine, need a venue for your book club discussions, or play cards…and bring a neighbor you’d like to get to know better.

See you at Hotel Alice!


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