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What’s New at the PKS Council on Aging

  • Dementia Resources for Caregivers and Patients

    Dementia Resources for Caregivers and Patients

    Preface: Some have asked for a list of services that could guide a dementia caregiver. I have summarized what I have found […]

  • Medical Service Providers

    Medical Service Providers

    Compiled by PKS Council on Aging members for PKS residents based on personal experience (7/20/23). Arthritic Conditions Dr. Kevin McKnight (PKS)252-733-4576Arthritis + […]

  • Who Will Care for You?

    Who Will Care for You?

    By Ann Bures, Member In her 2024 Shoreline inaugural article, Council on Successful Aging (COA) Chair Cindy Schersching challenged us to “Talk […]

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Who We Are

We are your neighbors. While the paths that brought us together are very different, we share a love of this community and an interest in preserving the things that drew us together.

Many settle here in the retirement years believing in ‘forever homes,’ though we are beginning to feel the energy that younger families bring to the community – multiple school buses make multiple trips through our streets.

The beauty of the landscape is often the initial draw, but we quickly learn we more often stay because of the people.

We have a strong community spirit and recognize a commitment to being good neighbors. What that means is summarized in our vision statement.


To expand the discussion of ways we can positively impact Pine Knoll Shores’ quality of life for our senior citizens and help each cope with issues that pose barriers to living comfortably in Pine Knoll Shores and aging in place.

How We Got Started

Established August 2022
Located in Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina

In a March 2022 meeting, Brian Kramer (PKS Town Manager), John Brodman, (Mayor, PKS) Charlie Rocci (PKS Clerk) and Cindy Schersching (PKS resident) agreed to keep the conversations going that began in 2014 when the PKS Board of Commissioners resolved to support Pine Knoll Shores as an ‘Age Friendly Community’ and the pre-Covid traditions of the Age-Friendly Advisory Committee.

Importantly, we want to move forward with community input. We all agreed that challenges are best met when like-minded individuals come together and work toward a shared vision.

The Survey: In May 2022, a single question survey was emailed to all who have requested to be on the town manager’s all hands email list. Nine-percent of the 1800 (139 residents) chose to share their answers.

The question was designed to identify barriers to staying in PKS as we age: What challenges have you faced – or anticipate – that would interfere with your ability to age successfully in this community? Grouping like comments suggested 5 broad categories in order of the most often mentioned to the least:

  • Issues related to mobility/accessibility in and around town, the island and off island. This need was related to basic transportation requirements (e.g., making doctor’s appointments), but to social opportunities as well.
  • Expanded nearby healthcare/medical options. Residents want more specialists, more trauma care options, and more professional health care and mental health care workers nearby.
  • Home maintenance/repair and yard work.
  • Social isolation. The desire for safe, nearby gathering places where residents can casually meet up with friends.  The emphasis is more on interaction with neighbors than on specific activities.
  • Financial concerns.

These concerns shaped our vision, guided our neighbor-to-neighbor approach, and have served as a starting point for the group’s activities.

Get Involved

Our success will be measured one doorstep at a time and we need your help to make a difference.

  • Come to meetings.
  • Join our Facebook Group.
  • Work with us.
  • Volunteer to help with activities – meal delivery, transportation, website maintenance, writing articles, researching, data entry, etc.
  • Email us with your questions and comments.
  • Home maintenance/repair and yard work.